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7 Tips to Rock Your 1st VivaTech from Startup Alumni

Posted at: 05.16.2023in category:Practical Guides
Attending Europe’s biggest startup and tech event can be intimidating. Get ready for four exciting days of networking, inspiration, and business with advice from our dear VivaTech startup alumni.

Pitching ideas at VivaTech. Photo credit: VivaTech

Our startup alumni gave us some great advice last year on what to expect as a startup coming to VivaTech for the first time. Take some notes, and don’t forget your walking shoes! See you May 22nd.


#1 Be Concise

You have to be able to tell your story in twenty seconds. Be very crisp and clear. And learn to read people – you can see in their eyes when they get bored. Once you catch people's attention, you have a minute, max. So grab people's attention as soon as you see them.” 

 - Guido Van Tartwijk, CEO of HeliaTek


#2 Stand Out

“Don’t be shy. People won’t come up to your stand and ask you to pitch. You need to go to people and say hello. It shows that you are excited to talk about your startup. You need to take the initiative.” 

- Anne-Sophie Raoult, Co-founder of Hipli

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Networking at VivaTech. Photo credit: VivaTech

#3 Make Connections

“Be open to new connections. I don't know any other events where we can have these kinds of exchanges and you just need to enjoy the four days because it goes fast. You meet so many startups that you could do partnerships with. But you only have four days to find collaborations.” 

- Bertrand LePage, CEO of Watt Park 

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#4 Bring Your Team

“If it’s your first time coming, come with a team of three or four people because there are many interesting things to see and do. When you are alone at a stand, you can’t be everywhere at the same time. With a team, you can rotate out and go see different things.” 

- Samia Bourhaira, former CFO of Biomede 

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CZ, founder and CEO of Binance, meeting with VivaTech attendees. Photo credit: VivaTech

#5 Network with Speakers

“Identify speakers from your industry beforehand and try to meet them. Since it's a very large event, it's hard to catch speakers walking in the aisles. But you can try to catch them after their talk and interact with them. That is networking. Connect in any way you can from the VivaTech App, to LinkedIn, to physically going and talking to them. It is powerful.” 

- Karina Ingerslev, Growth Director of Ridecell 


#6 Plan for the Details

“First, make sure you bring enough people from your team. There are so many people passing by, you need to be able to talk to them all. Second, wear tennis shoes. It might sound silly, but it’s in the details. Thirdly, plan to have a team doing all the background stuff like marketing, communication, and taking photos. You won’t have enough time to do it all. Lastly, rest up beforehand! It’s a long 4 days, but you won’t be finished when it’s over. You will have so many leads to connect with afterward that you will have a lot of work to do even after the event.” 

- Romuald Boulanger, Co-founder of La Vitre 

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#7 Follow Up Leads

It's really important to work the leads you get at VivaTech because the event is in the middle of June. If you don't work leads before the summer, it's lost. Work your hardest right after the event so that you can be sure to transform them in September.” 

- Valerie Tiersen, CEO and Founder of Green Score Capital 

Read more about Green Score Capital’s VivaStory here!


We hope you rock your first VivaTech! We can’t wait to see you in May. Still haven't booked your pass? It's this way!

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