2024 Sessions

AfricaTech in 2024 at a Glance
La Fabrique by CA: Crédit Agricole Group's Startup Studio Fintech
Handsome : the payment card that's talking to you
Meet with our expert - Eric Verron
Meet with our expert - Stephane Vignals
Meet with our expert - Alexis Gazzo
Meet with our expert - Adrien Portafaix
Meet with our expert - Sylvain Arramy
Meet with our expert - Stéphane Distinguin
Meet with our expert - Franck Sebag
Try best-in-class skincare AI for beauty
Generative AI platform to supercharge personalized content for work
Cosmo Tech AI-Simulation Platform
#Learning: boost your AI knowledge
A Generative AI for Radiological Reports
U1st Experience
Pitch Zone
Virtual Reality Experience
Territory Services Simulation
Augmented Reality Experience
Start-up Zone
Operationalizing Responsible GenAI
How AI will increase productivity of all companies around the world
Official openning of Region SUD's booth - AI Breakfast
TradSNCF : SNCF's tool for international customer care
Exploring the Synergy Between AI and Cybersecurity
La Poste and ADEME sign a partnership agreement for the eXtreme Défi Logistique
Meta AI Startup Program: meet the startups.
Icebreaker: The Cybersecurity & AI Rendez-vous
Opening & Welcome
Welcome Word - Marketing as a Service
X-HEC Entrepreneurs DemoDay
How Generative AI transforms legal & tax functions
This is the moment we go all in on AI
From Risk to Reward: Filling the Climate Tech Funding Gap
Streamlining high-compute workflows in the Gen AI era across on-prem and multicl
Pitch sessions sportech - Inclusiveness 2 (Sonceboz, MyJoint)
Innovation in Algeria
Audi Q6 e-tron experience
AI revolutionizes healthcare: exploring the future of clinical trials
Build the future with VivaTech Partners - Future of Parasports by Airbus
Reimagining the role of the CMO in the age of AI
Personalized schedules : algorithms serving well-being at work
L’Oréal Beauty & People Tech
Introduction to the Italian Pavilion
Archiving in the age of quantum computing
Crafted to move: Collaboration between LOEWE & On
Security management during major Sports events : a Deeptech challenge ! (1/2)
How to extract information of interest from texts with Artificial Intelligence ?
Responsible AI @Sanofi: Innovation with heart
The Human-AI Synergy: Smart Devices for a Better Future
Integrating Cyber Resilience From Day 1
Bullet Train to the Future
Targeting success - how patents boost your growth
How can Industrial Metaverse help to transform industry? the experience of Rail
Quantexa Pitch
SustA.I.nable futures start now
Gen AI Landscape in China & Three Learnings from Practice
Meet with the Japanese Startup Ecosystem
Astran Pitch 🚀
What is the impact of AI in the industrial security of your companies?
Tech demos - Future of augmented humans
Pitch session - Urbanomy
Influencing The New Era of Modern Decision Making
French State AI strategy and product initiatives
Trusted Cloud and GenAI
Overview Italian Ecosystem
MetaWorld X is shaping the world of Proactive Emergency Preparedness
Skin Technology: Science for Good at L'Oréal
Docavatar: keyboards are no more, conversational avatars help with on-boarding
From transformation to acceleration: Tech, HR & digital at the luxury forefront
Awards ceremony for the Orange Foundation’s Solidarity FabLabs challenge
PEUGEOT designs the future of driving pleasure with Hypersquare
E-footprint : model your digital service to control its environmental impact
Deeptech, new technologies to meet societal challenges
How will FLEXBOX revolutionize electricity management in your homes?
Security management during the 2023 Rugby World Cup
What’s Driving Femtech’s Growth?
U1st Vision Powered by Software République - World Premiere
How digital technologies and biomarkers are transforming prevention?
How Do You Handle the Fallout of a Cyberattack?
How to become an AI Human-Centric Organization ?
LVMH x Alibaba Cloud: Luxury Omnichannel, Data & AI at scale in China
Boosting Startup Growth with Siemens: ensogo's ESG Platform Succeeds with LowCode Technology
AI Synergy: Cultivating the Workforce of Tomorrow
Discover the "Innov'Up Sports" awardees !
Large Language Models for mRNA vaccines design
Can technology help worksites become more energy-efficient ?
Carbon Reduction or Carbon Capture?
Turning a profit - transforming ideas into assets
Unlock the Potential of Generative AI using AWS Skill-Builder
Cybersecurity & AI: What risks? What opportunities?
London & Partners: Crossing Channels: Igniting International Growth
BYD presentation
Generative AI and innovation: an always winning combination?
Build the future with VivaTech Partners - AI for Health by Capgemini
Identity verification in the digital era: balancing simplicity and security
Big data and AI for solar operational excellence with the startup Raptor Maps
Funding your deep tech company to scale up in the European Union
CMO of the Future, What Skills and Vision to Develop to Scale ?
Pitch Contest - Industry 4.0
French State Startups - Developing agile and high-impact digital services
How to transition from AI experimentation to implementation within a company?
Low-Carbon Tech: Bridging the Gap Between Digitalization and Sustainability
Textile Transparency : Nurturing Sustainability and Trust in Supply Chains
Inauguration Ceremony
La Poste Groupe - Launch of the Data & AI Charter
Store-to-store transfers: Next level of your inventory optimization
Boost Customer Engagement and Loyalty with Web3
Commerce Media - Accompanying the shopper journey in a fragmented ecosystem
Case Study: Calculating the cost of a computer, from manufacturing to disposal.
2nd life EV batteries for stationary energy storage
Book signing session with Yann Le Cun
AI-Enabled Biogas and RNG Project Assessment and Optimization
Le Parisien's Transformation: A journey through Tech & Product Innovation
Vivatech Challenge - Orange Cyberdefense: 2024 winners
Security management during major Sports events : a Deeptech challenge ! (2/2)
The future of consumer research through affective computing
Critical Update: Fixing the Human Element in Cybersecurity
The tools for digitizing energy renovation
Technology to help streamline infrastructure construction
Innovating for impact: MedTech’s Focus on patient-centric solutions
Siemens and Microsoft: AIPowered Automation for Developers and Engineers
Should We Be Reinventing Our Business Models?
Inspiring Peers (IP): meet & mingle to learn more
Founder’s Story: AI to See the World
AI in process industry: development and integration- the goldmine to keep you up
Innovate together, how collaborative innovation accelerates export development
Build the future with VivaTech Partners - AI and augmented workforce by Microsoft
Future Developments and Innovations in the field of Heavy Electric Mobility
Exporting the essence of a destination to the world
French State - Proactive administration / Open Data
Mobility in the Age of AI
Next-gen Fiber Optic Solutions: Reunion operator zeop pioneers FTTR
Augmented Architect for Cloud Migration
Pitching Sessions #1: GreenTech, SmartHome, EdTech, GreenMobility
Cleantech / Climate Tech
How tech elevates customer luxury experience?
“DiverCités” : an exclusive observatory on Mobility
How digital technology can power net zero
"I found my business partner (and more) on TV!"
Clinical Trials Optimisation
Pitchs My Global Village - One Health
Making Sense of Energy Data
Future Building Blocks: Low-Carbon Buildings
When cybersecurity becomes an issue of social inclusion
Technology to help streamline building construction
Powered Sustainability: Using AI around ESG Data
The Autonomous Vehicle for Urban Logistics
The Olympics Games deeptech heritage: discover 2 innovative solutions !
MedVallée-Montpellier, VOGO and NBX Biosciences create the health of the future
The Race to Deploy AI and Raise Skills in Europe and Beyond
AI-powered platform for energy flexibility optimal monetization
AI is a necessary part of your corporate sustainability plan
Facets of Innovation at LVMH
Digital Inclusion: Bridging Gaps, Mapping (In)Equality
Senegal : A new era for innovation and a hub for artificial intelligence
Climate Tech Startup - B2B SaaS removing friction to collect unused smartphones
Can innovation help the construction industry become more sustainable ?
BYD presentation
Data to optimize the patient journey, from diagnosis to follow-up
Beyond screens, a glimpse into the future of E-commerce with Spatial Advisor
Marketing Unbound: The Strategic Advantage of "Marketing as a Service"
Founders Discussion - Selling to Big Companies as a Startup
Technology acceleration through start-up incubation - Signing of the Memorandum
French State - Women in Tech
The Future of Sports: Data, new experiences
PEUGEOT designs the future of driving pleasure with Hypersquare
Investors Reverse Pitch
Publicis and C2PA – Leading transparency and trust in digital media​
AI Transformation: Putting People First
Bubbling Innovation: How Technology Shapes the Art of Champagne Making
Trust in tech : winners of the PwC startups challenge
Katalyze AI: Optimizing Pharma Production with AI 
Signing ceremony of the Research Framework Agreement between Inria and DFKI
Waste Not, Want Not: How to Rethink Our Food Systems
Brand Home Experience: Crafting Exceptional Oenotourism Experiences through Tech
Shaping the Future of Beauty with Beauty Tech
Pitchs My Global Village - AI & Trust
Build the future with VivaTech Partners - Future of mobility by Togg
French State - Design and accessibility
Next-Gen : Copilot for Finance By Microsoft
GenAI “Made in Europe”: making EU start-ups champions of trustworthy AI
Doctors at The Core : Rehumanizing Healthcare Through Data by Abbott
How Novartis empowers ALL its employees with generative AI capabilities
Cultivating Luxury with Care: Measuring its environmental impact with Genesis
Founder’s Story: Building Teams for the GenAI Era
AI for Good
Audi Q6 e-tron experience
Signature of Scale One
French State - Cybersecurity at the Olympic Games
Next Gen AI Assistants for Business
Rimowa's Digital Product Passport: recipe to craft an elevated client experience
LLAMA WORKSHOP Prompt Engineering with Meta Llama 3
AI governance for enterprises to adopt and scale AI confidently
Enabling companies to enter new markets effortlessly
Re-inventing banking with PwC, Engine & AWS
Part 1: Preparing Your Company for the AI Revolution
Unlocking Power : Bavaria's Role in Europe’s digital Ecosystem
Getting Started with Generative AI on AWS
Directors and employees, top targets of cyber attacks
Finance & GenAI - From buzz to business value ?
Make AI Understand the Subtle Art of Stylism
Part 2: Preparing Your Company for the AI Revolution
The Societal Impact of AI
How Digital Accelerates and Secures the Development of Low-Carbon Hydrogen
An AI based solution for HVAC system optimization and energy efficiency
Meet Germany
French State - Digital transformation of territories
Digital Sustainability at L'Oréal
Startups Finalists - Operations Excellence Category
Welcome Word - Cybersecurity & Resilience
Pitch Contest: Revolutionizing the Creative Industries through Innovation
Scaling AI by building trust
AI, Trust and Media
Leveraging AI to take the financial guesswork out of cutting carbon
Best of AfricArena @ VivaTech 2024
GenAI: beyond simplistic RAG approaches!
How AI can pre-fill your questionnaires, and save 70% of time
The Group’s Strategy On Cyber Innovation
Green Industry
Zebox (CMA-CGM) in Manchester: A Leading UK Regional Tech City
BYD press conference
Preserving biodiversity & developing bio-based resources
Profits and societal impact: what technology transfer model for free software ?
With the “My Tickets” app, make it easier to manage your receipts
Serenipay makes your card transactions audible and visible
Take control of the display of your Dynamic Visual Cryptogram!
Smart Insurance: The Future, Today... thanks to Data & AI
Build the future with VivaTech Partners - Future of Geospatial in insurance by AXA
HYPORT, the 1st hydrogen station on an airport in Europe
Funding your deep tech company to scale up in the European Union
Cyber 2027: a Key Move to Elevate your Cybersecurity Game​
French State - Digital sovereign tools
Gen AI at Les Echos
From 4G+ to 5.5G: Unleashing the Power of Mobile Network in Industries
Boost the Power of AI-Driven Content Security with Box and IBM watsonx
Investing in Tomorrow: Transforming Healthcare with AI
Cleantech / Climate Tech
Decoding Customer Insights: Elevating in store & online Experiences with Data
Tech: Revolutionizing Future Customer Experiences through Spatial Computing
The Alpha Experience : Crafting Innovative Customer Experiences​
Contribution of digital innovations to agroecology, a European dynamic.
Sustainable territories and cities : experimenting greentech
ANITI: Education, Research, and Innovation for efficient, trustworthy AI systems
The GenAI Effect : Faster reporting for manufacturing & supply
The Geopolitics of Microchips
Deeptech: Investment, Innovation, and the Road to Reality
Taiwan Pavilion TTA Opening Ceremony
Building with OpenAI: What’s Ahead
Digital sustainability : environmental consequences of AI
Building at the Frontier
Embracing Diversity : Unleashing Collective Innovation
TAG Heuer x VISION PRO: Discover Immersion Golf
How Could Technology Help Us Renew Democracy?
Archisobre Event: harnessing low tech to tackle environmental challenges
Quantexa: UK Unicorn leading on AI-driven Decision Intelligence
ZEBOX Challenge : Logistical Focus with CEVA
Turbocharge Your Startup’s GTM: Unlock Success with Serverless & AI Experts
Build the future with VivaTech Partners - Future of HR Assesment based on Esports by ManpowerGroup
Pitch session - Foxguard
Trust & Tech: empowering boards for cybersecurity leadership
Founders Discussion - Co-founder Dynamics: Building a Foundation for Success
How the AI Market Can Boost Stock Investment Returns?
Network Congestion in Crowded Places: Still a Thing in 2024?
AI applied to storage: detecting ransomware attacks in 60s!
Human vs. Automated Captioning for Live Broadcasts
GenAI CREAITECH LAB: Custom Brand Model - Kerastase
DOOH IT, AI for precise media targeting aboard taxis
PEUGEOT designs the future of driving pleasure with Hypersquare
Beyond the click: debunk click myth and unleash clickless tracking power
Cyber risks reporting for boards
Game On for Green: Advancing decarbonization in sports
Navigating Winds of Change
Responsible AI in Action: Insights from Michelin’s Human Copilot Study
Will the Next Medical Breakthrough be AI-Powered?
AI: The View from China
Let's build a generative AI–powered assistant that can answer your business ques
With Just Go, travel simply and at the best rate
VC 2.0: The Impact of AI
Sephora's AI powered tools: Tailored Beauty Experiences Online & In-Store
Better Efficiency, Better Planet: How AI can change pharma production for good
Personalizing the Customer Experience with AI
Bridging Universes: From Particle Physics to Leading AI Innovation
Can technology positively contribute to the circular economy ?
French Deeptech to boost the AI revolution, powered by SATT & CNRS
Concentrated Power, Surveillance, and AI: How to Build a Liveable Future While Fighting the Hype
Promise : Encouraging more representation in the Tunisian Ecosystem
What synergies between French and European strategies for an innovative Europe?
BT in France's Cybersecurity Offer
BYD presentation
Built the future with VivaTech Partners - Future of sustainability by EDF
Junior Enterprises Partnership: a key success factor for students and ENGIE
Cybersecurity and Supply Chain: the Challenge of the Years to Come
Pitch Contest- HealthTech
French State - Innovative programs to attract and retain tech professionals
Wi-Fi 7: What You Need To Know About The New Wi-Fi Standard
Reduce your AI-induced CO2 emission by 1000
Early stage scene in Italy
How Gen AI is transforming companies at pace
AI Gen at La Banque Postale
Les Echos and Artificial Intelligence: Towards a New Era of Information
Advertising and creativity in the time of AI and Automation.
AI-Based Novel Screening Solution for Early Detection of Breast Cancer
The Fastest Way To Create Trusted Data
Cookieless: how datamarketing will empower media
Start-up, financing requirements ? Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes Region at your side
Pitchs Start-up
Pioneering sustainability: Practical cleantech applications in Île-de-France
Tournament Street Racket
Strengths of a multidisciplinary career
How do corporates derisk collaboration with startups?
Technology powering Financial Asset Management for better client outcomes by BlackRock
Can We Have it “All”: Safe, Profitable, and Ethical AI?
Sovereignty and the role of public sector in AI
Rural mobility: Local creation and openness to startups, keys to renewal ?
GenAI : Enhancing Customer Relations & Sales Services Beyond Automation
Quantum 101, Part 1: The What, the How & the Who
Codalio - building end to end scalable software augmented with Generative AI
How does an innovative mindset foster sustainable solutions for all ?
Investing in Africa
Optimize Generative AI with NVIDIA NIM
Boost your B2B services with a customer acquisition strategy and Odoo software
Research and Innovation: when basic research creates disruption
Build the future with VivaTech Partners - Welcome to the AI Enterprise by Salesforce
Economy of Trusted Cloud
Founders Discussion - From Local to Global: Startup Strategies Unveiled
Startup Pitches: Future of Work with Re Mago & Greener Pipelines with HeurisTech
Capture the value of GenAI at scale
Beyond Equity: Leveraging Venture Debt for Startup Growth
Open Innovation R&I at L'Oréal: The way we work with Deeptech Start Ups
How AI startups are Impacting the Luxury Business: ChatLabs & Aive
Right Place, Right Person : Marketing Mix for optimized patient engagement
“SUN-IA” by OLENERGIES: a smart plug & play solar battery
Upskilling/Reskilling: The Human-AI Collaboration
AI x Business Transformation
Gamino - Digital disability awareness platform
AI for Financial Security
AI & Web3: A Promising Alliance ?
Angel, the financial co-pilot for entrepreneurs
Bodyguard x Louis Vuitton: Making Social Media More Ethical with AI
Pitch sessions sportech - Performance
Creating Energy-Efficient Solutions for a Better Future
DiamPark + AiiNTENSE = e-ParKare
Quantum 101, Part 2: Harnessing Quantum Innovation for Business (and Social) Revolutions
How is Artificial Intelligence revolutionizing Fab?
My Fenix, the application for women who invest.
The future of multi-gas sensing technologies
Global West Midlands: The Tech That Makes Tomorrow Work: Networking Reception
BYD presentation
The rise of the machines: Building trust and collaboration in a Human-AI world
Achieving Startup Success with Fixed Prices and Dynamic Requirements
Forefront of innovation with EIT InnoEnergyeEcosystem: Thermal Batteries
Security and Sovereignty at the Edge: Navigating the AI Revolution
Revolutionising Healthcare: Exploring the Future of Healthtech
French State - Dematerialization/simplification
AI, A New Challenge for Artists?
Innovative Sustainability reporting with Envizi and Watsonx.ai
Pitching Sessions #2 : ClimateTech, TravelTech, Life Sciences, VR/AR
Tokyo's Ecosystem
Outmind: search your company data using Generative AI
Innovation for re-use and eco-design to deploy the circular economy
The use of Generative AI in Innovation Workshops
AI for ensuring brand compliance to brand guidelines across all creative assets
Profitable Growth for Unicorns
How to make digital technology a lever for territorial revitalization?
A focus on Hydrogen and nuclear innovative solutions
From Regulator to Innovator: European AI and Sovereignty
Upskilling/Reskilling: Future-Proofing Your Career in the AI Age
Thinking Beyond Gen AI and LLMs
AI-driven career: Energizing the transition from research to entrepreneurship
Innovations for more sustainable construction materials
Engage sports fans like never before
AI regulations: how to deploy compliant and responsible AI systems
People First Transformation
Reyouzz, the eco-friendly way to make money
How LVMH is deploying trusted AI with Orange's partner start-ups
DeltaWave optimises the creation of drug candidate molecules
Circular economy and business competitiveness
Redefining Luxury: Mastering The Omnichannel Journey With Video Commerce
Putting Health in the hands of patients with the help of Ai
Pitch by Luxembourg Delegation - SwissTech Meets Luxembourg
Beyond Code: Unveiling the diverse landscape of women in tech.
Audi Q6 e-tron experience
Securing digital assets within organizations
Webcapsule - The Orchestration Platform for LowCode Applications
Tech Pioneers: AWIT's Blueprint for Sustainable Success
Cyber For Good: Is Reinforced Solidarity Key To Face Increasing Threats?
Examples of technology applied to the circular economy
High-level details of AI projects for business leaders
Build the future with VivaTech Partners - Future of Beauty by L'Oréal Groupe
Pitch session - Fruggr
Visa’s Approach to Cybersecurity in the Face of Evolving Threats
Founders Discussion - Transforming Ideas into Reality: How Generative AI Can Help Startups Succeed
Berlin Ecosystem Unveiled: 18 Startups & Key Players Pitching at Vivatech Paris
Real-Time Data Piloting to improve revenue and customer experience
New Material / Cleantech / Climate Tech
Legal Insights on Generative AI
Taking Action Towards Quantum-Safe Cryptography
Transforming energy professions with data-driven and AI solutions
Ask Me Anything: PwC’s 2024 AI Jobs Barometer
Open Science
Conquering the New Space
Spatial Computing & AI: Paving the Way for a New Era in Healthcare (Apple Vision Pro Live Demo)
Up in the Cloud: Combining Performance with Security
Web 3 Technologies Environmentally Friendly?
The AI regulation impacting business
Key Advice for Cleantech Startups from Top Paris Region Accelerators
Digital Transformation: Empowering the energy universe with Data for Sustainable
Building GenAI applications in Canada
Le Groupe La Poste joins the Gérontopole innovation communities
Meet the women at the forefront of the Green IT revolution
Start-ups, the contacts you need to know to accelerate your development
BYD presentation
Public research, a breeding ground for health innovation in the field of therapy
Tech demos - Luxury & Fashion.ai
Students, power your future in tech with free credential, courses and more !
Thriving at Work: How Sanofi puts AI at employees’ Fingertips
Spiral Solutions: Technologies for a Sustainable Future
A Conversation with Bruno Le Maire
Sports Apero
Signing of a partnership between Le Groupe La Poste and French Tech Limousin
The Power of recognition : The Impact of winning Startup Competitions
Visionary Ventures: UAE Enterprises Leading the Way
AFTERWORK La French Tech Val de Loire
Transforming the company: How to move from inclusion to action?
Tech demos - Art & Culture.ai