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Your Roadmap to AI at VivaTech 2024

Posted at: 05.01.2024in category:Practical Guides
With new speakers, startups, and innovations in the AI scene at VivaTech this year, there's a lot to explore. This guide will take you to the best AI content you won’t want to miss.

ai roadmap visual AI has taken center stage this year, with .2 billion invested in generative AI startups in 2023, marking a 250.2% increase over 2022. Artificial intelligence has transitioned from being perceived as deep tech to becoming an indispensable tool across all industries this year. As it continues to captivate, AI presents a golden opportunity for potential businesses, with a strong emphasis on innovation.

We've created a guide for you with the top AI sessions, speakers, and innovations to follow at VivaTech this year, and there's more yet to come.

vt23-s1-d2-13-45-can-democracy-survive-ai_037_NM.jpg Stage One at VivaTech. Photo credit: VivaTech

Top 5 AI sessions

Preparing Your Company for the AI Revolution

22 May 1:15 PM- 2:00 PM, Stage 4

AI is changing the face of a lot of industries, including energy, healthcare, and finance, to increase productivity in the face of constant change. Which real-world uses and best practices surround the deployment of AI? In what ways are we cultivating the abilities and mindset required to use this technology effectively?

Will the Next Medical Breakthrough be AI-Powered?

22 May 2:30 PM- 3:05 PM Stage 3

Three experts discuss how AI could lead to ground-breaking developments in healthcare. They investigate the creation of state-of-the-art applications such as tailored treatment plans, diagnostic tools, and predictive analytics in addition to analyzing the opportunities and ethical dilemmas present in this rapidly changing field.

Is Generative AI Feeding the Fake News Machine?

23 May 4:20 PM- 4:55 PM Stage 3

Can we trust what we read on the internet? We delve into the impact of AI-generated fake news on consumers and media, co-curated by Diplomatic Courier. Generative AI challenges the reliability of visual content, from harmful deepfakes of President Biden to seemingly harmless alterations to the Pope's attire. Legal remedies are discussed, along with the potential for AI to both create and combat misinformation.

Can AI Help Us Speed Up the Energy Transition?

23 May 10:00 AM- 10:45 AM Stage 3

AI is making waves in the energy sector, with over 50 applications identified by the International Energy Agency. This raises questions about its role in renewable energy, skill development in developing nations, and energy efficiency.

Where Will GenAI Take Us in the Next Decade?

24 May 2:00 PM- 2:45 PM Stage 3

Let’s explore the rapid advancement and integration of generative AI in our daily lives over the past 18 months. A recent McKinsey report suggests it could boost the world economy by .4 trillion. We’ll examine GenAI's full potential, from overcoming technical challenges to identifying key beneficiaries and new opportunities with improved models.

Top 5 AI Speakers You Can’t Miss

dario-amodei2.png Dario Amodei

Dario Amodei is the CEO of Anthropic, an AI research firm committed to creating useful and secure AI. He did research projects at OpenAI before joining Anthropic, where he made contributions to the development of massive language models and advances in reinforcement learning. Dario has worked at Google Brain and Stanford University School of Medicine and received his doctorate in biophysics from Princeton University.

Catch his talk on Stage One on 22 May.

yann-lecun.png Yann LeCun

Yann LeCun, founder of FAIR and the NYU Center for Data Science is VP and Chief AI Scientist at Meta and a Silver Professor at NYU. He is a prominent figure in artificial intelligence, having interests in robotics, computational neuroscience, and machine learning. LeCun is a member of prestigious academic organizations such as the French Académie des Sciences and the National Academy of Sciences, and he was awarded the 2018 ACM Turing Award.

Catch his talk on Stage One on 22 May.

sneha-ravanur.png Sneha Revanur

Sneha Revanur, 19-years-old, is the president and creator of Encode Justice, a global nonprofit that inspires youth to embrace artificial intelligence with a human focus. She is notable for being the youngest person to ever be listed on TIME's esteemed list of the top 100 AI influencers.

Catch her session: “Can We Have it “All”: Safe, Profitable, and Ethical AI?” 22 May 2:15 PM- 3:00 PM Stage 2

cristobal.png Cristóbal Valenzuela

Runway, an AI research business led by Cristóbal Valenzuela, is a pioneer in generative AI models for content production. Runway offers more than 35 AI Magic Tools to help customers create and edit content. Having graduated from New York University with a master degree in Interactive Telecommunications, Valenzuela works with his co-founders to create innovative creative tools.

Catch his session: “The Next Wave of Content Creation: AI-Powered VFX” 23 May 12:05 PM- 12:20 PM Stage 2

gina-neff.png Gina Neff

Gina Neff , executive Director at the University of Cambridge's Minderoo Centre, advises UNESCO, researches digital work impacts, leads humanitarian projects, and combats online disinformation with global AI initiatives. She's known for creating the award-winning A to Z of AI website.

Catch her session: “Preparing Your Company for the AI Revolution” 22 May 1:15 PM on Stage 4

Check Out the AI Avenue

The AI Avenue is a VivaTech Innovation Park that delves into AI’s influence on our future and its practical effects on our everyday lives. From transformative breakthroughs to industry-wide progress, in the AI Avenue you’ll meet innovations like Esper Bionics, a startup that created a bionic ecosystem of interconnected devices for amputees through AI. Another outstanding innovation you can meet here is ArtPoint a Paris-based startup that promotes digital art globally, making it accessible to everyone.

Ready to Explore AI at VivaTech?

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to AI at VivaTech this year, almost 40% of exhibitors will showcase concrete AI applications! Want to meet these groundbreaking speakers and innovations? Book your pass for VivaTech!

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