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VivaTech's Impact Partners: Building A Better Tomorrow

Posted at: 05.20.2024in category:Top Stories
Discover how VivaTech's Impact Partners are driving positive change and shaping the future of technology for a better world at VivaTech 2024.

Group photo of impact partners Here at VivaTech, we believe that technology is an engine for positive change. No effort is too small or too big in the journey to build a sustainable future. Through strategic partnerships, we bring the tech ecosystem together with the goal of bridging the gap between innovative solutions and real-world challenges, amplifying the positive impact of technological advancements.

This year, eleven of our partners joined the Club Viva + to become VivaTech Impact Partners for the first time.

What’s the Hype?

The Club Viva + periodically brings together the heads of CSR, Sustainability, and Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DE&I), along with other key partners for strategic meetings with the VivaTech team. During these gatherings, we get to exchange ideas with other stakeholders such as youth, associations, and startups, giving diverse voices a say in impact matters.

These meetings are invaluable for VivaTech as they allow us to engage directly with our partners on topics crucial to shaping our strategic direction, ensure that our initiatives effectively address the needs of our community, and plan what concrete impact we can all make during VivaTech.

Where’s the Impact?

Our Impact Partners have been hard at work crafting some pretty amazing initiatives for VivaTech 2024. Let’s see what they’ve built!

Pitch Studio Session

All of our Impact Booster partners will take the stage during a dedicated session, focusing on the theme “Putting Impact at the Heart of Business & Teams”. During this hour-long session, ESG and innovation leaders will share their vision and perspectives on this theme. In a series of short talks followed by Q&A with the audience, they will explore two main themes: Part 1: How to deploy your company’s climate strategy from vision to action? Part 2: How to engage employees in the transformative vision of your company?

Come and discover the entirety of their pitches and engage in insightful discussions from LVMH, Capgemini, Crédit Agricole, Orange, Mazars, JCDecaux, EDF, Klaxoon, and Schoolab. This session will take place in the Pitch Studio on Friday, May 24th, from 10:45 am to 11:45 am.

The Impact Bridge

VivaTech and EDF have joined forces to create The Impact Bridge, a new area dedicated to positive impact. Extending across 1,500 square meters between Halls 1 and 2 and sponsored by EDF, The Impact Bridge brings together startups, not-for-profit associations, and tech innovations that all make a tangible and beneficial contribution to the environment and society.

The Impact Bridge is made up of three villages focused on environmental impact and one village dedicated to societal impact, while another space is dedicated to The Good Hack, VivaTech’s annual ideation hackathon. Come and meet the 40 startups and a dozen organizations working to make a significant positive impact and develop solutions for energy transition, sustainable mobility, sustainable agriculture, diversity and inclusion, and much more.

Discover ESG by Orange

Orange is showcasing its commitment to environmental and social governance (ESG) at VivaTech with a series of impactful initiatives on their stands G12 and J15. At their Planet+Impact corner, visitors can learn about their efforts to achieve 'Net zero carbon' by 2040. On Thursday, May 23rd, at 10:30 am, they will host a round table on decarbonization, featuring key speakers from Orange and their ecosystem.

On Saturday, May 25th, from 9 am to 6 pm at the Pitch Studio, Orange will present "The Digital Magicians," an interactive experience aimed at creating a safer digital world. This initiative highlights Orange's dedication to digital inclusion and social responsibility, ensuring their efforts resonate with both their employees and the broader community.

Schoolab Discussions

Schoolab is an innovation studio that educates, advises, and supports corporate employees, entrepreneurs, and students in responsible innovation by mobilizing their entrepreneurial and collaborative mindset. As a mission-driven company, Schoolab is dedicated to environmental and social positive impact projects. They develop learning experiences using methodologies such as Design Thinking and Design Fiction to help their partners accelerate projects.

Join them on stand U14, Hall 2, where various speakers will discuss topics such as AI, Design Fiction, Intrapreneurship, and Climate Tech. On their stand attendees can meet Schoolabs’ in-house experts, as well as major groups and startups.

Eco Bus Shelter by JCDecaux

This year at VivaTech JCDecaux is showcasing their first Upcycled Bus Shelter on their stand F45 in Hall 1. Entirely made by reusing materials sourced from an ecosystem of partners, it provides a low-carbon service that’s 60% less emissive than a traditional bus shelter.

Their approach to ecodesign is an integral part of delivering on their ambitious 2050 Net Zero Climate Strategy. It is in line with JCDecaux’s business model that produces economic, social, and environmental benefits to society by financing living spaces and transport, creating jobs in more than 80 countries - through a spectrum of activities, including around 50% of our turnover aligned with the European Green Taxonomy.

Join the Impact

At VivaTech 2024, our Impact Partners are showcasing the future of technology with a focus on sustainability, inclusivity, and innovation. Discover the full program of our Impact Partners on our website. Come witness and participate in these initiatives that are shaping a better tomorrow for all. impact partners logos

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