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Improve the accessibility of a website according to your needs and in a few clicks!

 Discover FACIL'iti

Discover FACIL'iti

Viva Technology is committed to digital inclusion by using FACIL'iti, an innovative tool developed by a French company certified B-Corp.

With FACIL'iti, the display of this website adapts to the navigation needs of people with visual, motor, or cognitive impairments.  


 Why use FACIL'iti ?

Why use FACIL'iti ?

Many filters are available to adapt to a maximum of needs: visual impairment, dyslexia, Parkinson's disease, AMD, color blindness, multiple sclerosis...

For more comfort in navigation, you can now personalize the display of this website by choosing in a few clicks the filter which corresponds to you.

How to use FACIL'iti ?

  • Click
    on the small Facil'iti icon located on the top right of our top menu
  • Select
    the filter that corresponds to your needs
  • Enjoy
    a smooth navigation

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