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Unveiling Our Trending Themes for VivaTech 2024

Posted at: 03.20.2024in category:Top Stories
VivaTech 2024 is on its way. With four stages and hundreds of world-renowned speakers ready to discuss the hottest topics of the year, we’ve got a lot in store for this edition.

ai-header.jpg Discover the top eight themes we’ll be discussing at VivaTech this year with a special importance on AI, Climate Tech, and Mobility.

Artificial Intelligence

AI is at the top of everyone’s minds, so there’s no surprise it’s our biggest theme this year. 3.2 billion was committed to generative AI startups in 2023, a 250.2% increase over 2022. The proof is in the numbers: AI is here to stay. From revolutionizing daily efficiency and reshaping creative avenues. At VivaTtech, AI will be a topic of discussion and debate for a number of speakers, providing us with thought-provoking answers and discussions. AdobeStock_634001663.jpeg

Climate Tech

Monitoring our future sustainability requires prioritizing the development of climate technology. Climate change affects all of humanity, making the advancement of climate tech a priority. This year, there is a significant focus on exploring innovative methods to achieve net zero goals, including carbon capture, circular economy initiatives, and the sustainable naturalization of resources. With the world’s growing population, comes a need to feed us more sustainably. Ag Tech innovations are on the rise. The investments in this area are expected to double by 2027, to enhance innovation and handle agricultural issues better.

The Pulse of Mobility

Cities are continuously evolving their transportation options to address the undeniable problems of urban living. Over 150 cities have already adopted more environmentally friendly mobility solutions, according to McKinsey’s Future of Mobility report. We’ll dive into where we’re at with new transportation opportunities, increased accessibility in cities, and TravelTech. AdobeStock_305828091 (1).jpeg


We may catch new quantum computing or biology solutions this year at VivaTech. With approximately 5 billion in funding in 2023, deep tech breakthroughs are gaining media attention and proving to be the most resilient within the tech industry. Emerging tech across various sectors will convene at VivaTech both on stage and on the show floor.

Future Societies

The future is being shaped by the youngest generations. As they grow, the next generations will have a growing influence on global affairs and introduce innovative initiatives. At VivaTech, we’ll discuss what’s happening in the education and professional spheres, and what they mean for the future of work. AdobeStock_321999244.jpeg

Internet & Democracy

Cyberattacks pose a prevalent challenge for businesses, and their frequency has steadily increased over the years. This trend has led to numerous issues for both large and small companies, impacting their business performance significantly. At VivaTech, discussions will revolve around this trending theme, addressing misinformation, and fostering dialogue for the conversations that matter.

Creators' Economy

The creator's economy is booming, with over 50 million established creators worldwide collectively valued at $100 billion. Always changing and producing unique content that ranges from informational to entertaining, creators can humanize their content and foster a sense of community among followers. Many creators who launched startups in various fields have learned to make this avenue lucrative, and the industry shows no signs of slowing down its growth. From gaming and virtual reality, to music and entertainment, we’ll dive into all the aspects of this creative economy. DSC_8942.jpg

Gaming & Esport

With over 3 billion players worldwide, gaming is a central component of the majority of our lives. From indie gaming to early access transformations, several trends are reshaping the gaming landscape and fostering its expansion. Meanwhile, esports is revolutionizing the way sports are played, with its value expected to reach around .74 billion by 2030. With esports superstars engaging in live streams that attract millions of fans, esports is gaining popularity and reshaping perspectives within the gaming industry. We’ll talk with the industry’s biggest stars on stage and visitors will be able to join in the games themselves!

Can’t wait to dive into all of these topics? Find us from the 22-25 May 2024 in Paris. Book your pass for VivaTech and stay tuned for future updates!

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