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The Hot Topics VivaTech is Following This Year

Posted at: 02.16.2023in category:Top Stories
As VivaTech approaches, what topics will drive our speakers and discussions Take a peek at this year’s official conference tracks.

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Discover the top 10 themes and the questions our speakers and panelists will discuss in June.

  • Energy and Climate Tech
  • Scaling Up
  • Cybersecurity
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Food Tech
  • Future of Sport
  • Deep Tech
  • Building Future Societies
  • Creator’s Economy, Metaverse, & Gaming
  • Web3

Energy and Climate Tech

Sustainable and climate-focused solutions are critical to supporting governments, consumers, and businesses in responding to our environmental challenges. How can we improve efficiency, decrease waste, and diversify our energy sources Climate Tech innovation is a growing field responding to our planet’s biggest challenges.

Scaling Up

After going from idea to business plan to full-functioning startup, what’s next What does scaling up look like in the context of a global economic downturn Is bootstrapping the new way to go How can we prioritize responsible investing$7 Together with startup and scaleup founders, investors, and experts from around the world, we explore the trends, opportunities, and markets to watch.


As our technological solutions become more digital and connected, they create new vulnerabilities. How do we combat cybercrime$8 What role does quantum computing play in making our systems safe$9 Is there still such a thing as privacy0 With an invisible war being waged in cyberspace, the need to strengthen our tech defenses to protect our societies is real.


How much influence does AI have in our daily lives$11 With new AI models like ChatGPT wowing the world, should we be wary or welcoming$12 What qualifies an algorithm as (un)ethical, and who decides$13 Can artificial intelligence be creative$14 We analyze various aspects of a technology that underpins many of the services we use today.

Future of Sport

How can major international sporting events remain relevant in this digital age$15 How can technology help athletes perform better and contribute to a better sporting experience for everyone$16 How can sport have a positive environmental and social impact on climate change, health, education, gender equality, diversity, and inclusion$17 The Sport Industry presents huge opportunities for startups improving athlete performance, engaging with consumer wellness, and capturing the excitement and drama for fans around the world.

Food Tech

The way we produce, distribute, and consume food has significant implications as we seek healthier and more sustainable ways of living. Is lab-grown meat the future of the meat industry$18 How will the trends of food and meal delivery advance$19 We will discuss how new technological advancements are transforming the food industry.

Deep Tech

Ever since we put a man on the moon, how far has our exploration of space advanced0 How is medicine evolving to tackle illness more efficiently$21 How and when will computers make a quantum leap in computing power$22 Deep technologies, such as AI, facial recognition, biofuels, and robotics are all crucial advancements that are changing the way we use tools across industries.

Building Future Societies

The future will be shaped by the youngest generations. Can educational technology increase environmental consciousness$23 How do we get rid of algorithmic biases$24 How can technology help us improve the efficiency and mindfulness of our workplaces$25 How we redesign education and the workplace to be more diverse and inclusive will make the difference between success and failure for today’s businesses as we source talent and respond to essential HR needs

Creator Economy, Metaverse & Gaming

With the hype of the metaverse growing, it’s important to ask who wants to spend time in the metaverse. What role does technology play in storytelling$26 And how are decentralized web models shaping a new kind of creator’s economy$27 We’ll dive into the latest trends shaping the creator economy.


Ongoing macroeconomic challenges, scams, and speculation are impacting the Web3 and blockchain markets. Crypto assets have severely decreased in value, fundraising is down, and fiascos like that of FTX have led to serious mistrust of these new technologies. Is regulation the solution$28 Will we find useful decentralized applications of cryptocurrencies$29 More generally, how can we identify value in Web3$30 


We’ll be diving into all these subjects and more from 14-17 June 2023 in Paris. Check out our Official Conference Tracks page and stay tuned for updates on speaker announcements. 


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