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JOOKS' Tech Twist on Sporty Sightseeing

Posted at: 09.28.2023in category:VivaStories
Startup JOOKS allows you to discover hundreds of cities around the world while running, walking, cycling, or wheelchairing. Read about JOOKS’ VivaStory – the success stories of VivaTech startup alumni.

Source: JOOKS

The greatest business leaders, startups, investors, researchers, and innovators come together at VivaTech to find their crowd every year. The result New partnerships are created, business deals are closed, startup funds are raised, and new talent is recruited. These are what we call VivaStories.

Learn about JOOKS’ VivaStory and how they landed a deal with the city of Paris for the 2024 Olympic Games.


Company: JOOKS

Sector: Sport Tourism 

HQ: Champagne, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, France

Year founded: 2016

Who we interviewed: Christophe Minodier, Co-founder


Startup Story

Discover new cities around the world in the same way you’d use an audio guide at a museum. That’s the solution co-founders Christophe Minodier and Olivier Lebleu created with their startup JOOKS. 

“I was traveling a lot with my co-founder for work and we were searching for a solution that would show us the main points of interest in a new city in a fun way and we didn’t find any,” explained Christophe Minodier. “So that’s why we said why don’t we make it ourselves”

When the two sportsmen put their heads together, they knew their solution had to evolve around the three things they needed on every business trip: de-stressing, staying fit, and discovering the city they were in.

In 2016, JOOKS was born. “Our app allows users to discover cities around the world while walking, running, cycling, or wheelchairing,” Minodier said. “We provide routes and this allows users to discover the main interests of a city. As they pass by, there is commentary on the points of interest. It’s like an audio guide at a museum, but outside and everywhere.”

Source: Ownsport

So, where should our VivaTech team go for a run in Paris with JOOKS

“You will find 83 routes in Paris, which means you have a huge choice, you’ll find a route everywhere in Paris in order to discover every little part of the city. It’s quite incredible,” Minodier suggested.

From historical-themed runs linking the places Napoleon Bonaparte left his influence on Paris to scenic runs along the Seine River, we have our pick of trails to choose from for the next team building. Now present in 50+ countries, JOOKS offers over 1,300 routes. Users put in their headphones and the app does the rest.

JOOKS stand at VivaTech 2023. Source: VivaTech

What brought JOOKS to VivaTech

“I came to VivaTech four years ago to present our product as a brand-new startup.” Since then, Minodier and his team have been back to several VivaTech editions. “We have had the chance to meet a large number of prospective customers, both in product categories we already offer and for future developments. We"e;re very excited about launching these projects.”

“For example, the city of Paris has formalized our partnership with the creation of discovery routes within JOOKS, enabling tourists and residents to explore the city during and after the Olympic Games.”

“We are also working with large companies such as RATP as well as Air France. This is proof that VivaTech is a place where we can meet great contacts and accelerate a decision to start working with a company.”

“Overall, Viva Tech was a great success for us, and we"e;re looking forward to 2024!” Minodier added. 

Get moving in your city, check out the JOOKS app.


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