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Driving Towards Sustainable Solutions: Mobility at VivaTech

Posted at: 04.17.2024in category:Top Stories
The future of urban transport lies in the combination of new technologies and sustainable development. We unveil solutions La Poste brings to VivaTech for a more inclusive ecosystem.

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Taking the Pulse of Mobility

Despite advancements in technology, congested roads remain a global concern, with private cars dominating the transportation landscape. McKinsey’s research highlights that there's a noticeable shift towards alternative modes of transport, driven by both regulatory measures and consumer demand for more eco-friendly options.

La Poste Group, a leader in the delivery sector, has over 15 years of commitment to the environment and decarbonization initiatives. Thanks to the Group's long-standing commitment, marked in particular by the deployment of one of the largest fleets of low-emission vehicles in Europe, La Poste Group has been recognized for several years by extra-financial rating benchmarks, which rank the French company as one of the world's top performers in this field. La Poste has no intention of stopping there. By 2025, they aim to provide 100% zero and low emissions in 350 European cities.

Mobility Solutions from La Poste Group

La Poste Group returns this year to VivaTech with new mobility solutions. Let’s check out three ways the Group is helping people move better.

black recycled bike The Nouvelle Attitude renovated bike. Photo credit: La Poste

RECY'CLO Entrepreneurship Project

One of the standout initiatives to be showcased is the RECY'CLO entrepreneurship project. This venture focuses on repurposing electric bicycles used by letter carriers. By collecting outdated electric bikes from businesses, renovating them in workshops for social integration, and then selling them in the second-hand market. RECY'CLO not only reduces overproduction but also promotes bicycle reuse. Moreover, it creates employment opportunities, fostering growth in a sustainable market. A shining example of this initiative is the Nouvelle Attitude bike which will be displayed in the bike park at VivaTech. This very first bike park allows visitors to drop off their bikes for free at Porte de Versailles, opposite gates A1 and A2.

"We're proud to have contributed to the creation of a bike park for VivaTech,” affirms Marie-Aude Dubanchet, Executive Vice President, Communications, La Poste Group. “Providing the infrastructure that enables the greatest possible number of visitors to be accommodated by soft transport echoes La Poste Group's sustainable delivery strategy. Moreover, as a cyclist, I will be happy to park my own bike there.”

robot geopost on sidewalk La Poste’s autonomous robot for parcel delivery. Photo credit: La Poste

Geopost Autonomous Robot

Another innovation unveiled by La Poste is the Geopost autonomous robot. This has been designed to revolutionize last-mile delivery, these robots integrate into urban infrastructure, ensuring safe and efficient deliveries. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, they can autonomously complete up to eight deliveries before transitioning to designated public locations to serve as convenient drop-off points for customer returns. This transformative technology not only streamlines delivery operations but also reduces carbon emissions by optimizing route efficiency.

cargo bike in paris La Poste’s cargo bike at work in the streets of Paris. Photo credit: La Poste

Cargo Bike

La Poste's commitment to sustainable mobility is exemplified by its investment in cargo bikes with plans to procure 600 cargo bikes, specifically tailored for urban flexibility. La Poste aims to expand its fleet to include a minimum of 1,000 cargo bikes by 2025. These three-wheelers boast load capacities of up to 150 kg, making them ideal for navigating congested city streets while accommodating sizable deliveries. As an integral addition to La Poste's fleet of 37,000 low-emission vehicles in France, cargo bikes play a crucial role in promoting eco-friendly logistics solutions.

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From Bike Parks to Innovative Delivery Strategies

Marie-Aude Dubanchet expresses La Poste’s excitement for their participation in this year’s VivaTech. “La Poste Group's commitment to offering 100% zero- and low-emission deliveries in 350 European cities, including the 22 French metropolises, by 2025, including the accelerated use of cargo bikes, is firmly anchored. Presenting our transport innovations at VivaTech is a way for us to showcase our leadership in this field. By way of example, with 2.6 billion parcels delivered by 2023, the group has been able, thanks to its actions, to reduce the CO2 emissions of each parcel by 5%."

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