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Breaking Women Into Tech: The Good Hack

Posted at: 10.11.2023in category:Top Stories
With over 9,200 participants, our community brainstorming sessions in June brought to light many solutions to break more women into the tech industry. So, where is the project today

The good hack team

Photo credit: VivaTech

One idea can change the world 

At VivaTech we believe that through community we can find solutions to some of the world’s most challenging issues. That’s why we launched The Good Hack, a community brainstorming hackathon, during VivaTech last June to come up with concrete solutions for one persistent issue in the tech world. 

Over four days, visitors, speakers, exhibitors, and staff tackled the question: how can we bring more women into the tech ecosystem

The winning project was to be accelerated by Foundation and VivaTech for one year. 

The good hack idea board

Photo credit: VivaTech

An idea party

Participants came up with over 1,000 ideas to champion women in tech on just the first day. From those suggestions, 15 were selected for a workshop where teams worked through a design thinking process to create an attainable plan for each idea. 

On the last day, the favorite solution was voted on and a winner was chosen. We announced on Stage One the winning project:

Invite young girls from secondary school to take part in tech events or summer bootcamps to familiarize themselves with new technologies and encourage careers in tech.

girl learning to code

Photo credit: Witech

Time for action

Armed with an idea and lots of energy, we put our heads together with the Foundation to find an organization that can help us bring this idea to life. 

We are happy to say that we have found the perfect match. Witech, an association that organizes bootcamps and workshops for youth and professionals, will join us in this mission. Specialists in demystifying the world of tech to inspire the desire to discover careers, Witech offers programs in coding, web development, entrepreneurship skills, and more.

In the coming months, we are going to work together to organize bootcamps and workshops to help middle-school-aged girls in France discover the tech ecosystem.  

What’s more, all of VivaTech’s employees will take part in this project by providing skills-sponsorship. On the Foundation side, they will support Witech with fundraising and visibility for the program.

girl in classroom setting

Photo credit: Witech

Challenging the status quo

Even the smallest idea can make a huge impact around the world. With this acceleration program in the works, our hope is that the ripple effect that these workshops can create will make waves in the next generation of tech. A huge thanks to all the participants of this year’s Good Hack and to our partners, Schoolab, Klaxoon, and the Foundation!

Let’s meet in May to hear about the results of this year’s project. 

Do you have an idea for what next year’s Good Hack project should be about Let’s start a conversation on social.

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