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8 Startups You Don’t Want to Miss at VivaTech 2023

Posted at: 04.25.2023in category:Startup Focus
A sneakpeak at the startups pushing the boundaries of tech. Take a tour of the startups exhibiting in our Innovation Parks.

Photo credit: VivaTech

VivaTech Innovation Parks gather the most disruptive and innovative technologies coming from around the world. Startups are invited to showcase their solutions in a futuristic space, among some of the world"e;s most cutting-edge projects.

Discover a few of the startups that will be present in this year’s parks. 


Mobility & City Park

Experience the way the world is moving. The Mobility and City Park, sponsored by Togg, gathers startups with innovative next-generation vehicles and technologies that are shaping the future of mobility.

Photo credit: Oraigo


Fatigue and micro-sleep are the cause of 25% of annual road accidents. Italian startup Oraigo has created a device that fights sleep at the wheel. The headband detects a driver"e;s brain activity using AI and, in the event of drowsiness, vibrates to alarm the driver. An original solution for night-driving or long-haul jobs.

Photo credit: Italdesign


Want to call a dentist but can’t go outside Italdesign envisions a world where private transportation and services can arrive straight to people’s doors without the need to step outside. Autonomous transportation concept Climb-E can completely integrate into next-gen and future civil and residential building structures, allowing the “vehicle” to arrive right to our doorstep.

Food & Retail Park

The cutting-edge tech behind the food and retail industries. This Innovation Park invites startups to showcase original experiences and technologies that are shaping the future of what we eat and how we buy.

Photo credit: Agwa


Many people don’t have the space or time to grow a vegetable garden. California startup Agwa has built a vegetable-growing appliance that uses AI to adjust growing conditions automatically, making it super easy to grow vegetables to perfection right at home. Families and businesses can reduce supermarket trips, packaging, plastic bags, and uneaten rotten food waste. 

Photo credit: Ottonomy


Last-mile delivery is often the most expensive part of the shipping process. Californian startup Ottonomy has built just the bot for the job. Their autonomous robots can deliver food and beverages, groceries, and packages for last-mile deliveries, or indoor environments.

Digital Experiences & AI Park

Jump into the world of AI and Digital Experiences. A park sponsored by Verizon, brings together startups that have created unmissable experiences for NFT, Digital Art, Creator Tech, and next-generation entertainment technologies.

Photo credit: Enchanted Tools

Enchanted Tools

Nurses waste up to 2.5 hours a day on logistics in hospitals like moving trays from room to room. Enchanted Tools has created an autonomous robot that is trained to do these menial tasks and assist nurses in their everyday tasks, allowing them to focus on their core health tasks.

A few of Maisie Wilen"e;s AR try-on pieces in Zero10. Photo credit: Zero10


Many industries are jumping into the digital world and fashion brands are joining the splash. New York startup Zero10 has created the leading AR fashion platform to allow fashion brands and retailers to expand their customers’ journeys and increase engagement in the digital world. Users can try on digital clothes from brands and independent creators on the Zero10 app. 

Impact Mile

Innovation shapes our future. The Impact Mile is VivaTech’s exclusive selection of innovators and technology aiming to build a sustainable future for people and the planet.

Photo credit: Neoplants


The air in our homes is up to 5 times more polluted than the air outside. French startup Neoplants has bioengineered plants that capture and recycle indoor pollutants into useful metabolites, with no electricity needed. Time to breathe easy.

Photo credit: Ryp Labs


Food waste amounts to $2.6 trillion in losses across the supply chain every year. But what if a sticker can change that Ryp Labs has created a produce sticker that prolongs freshness by 2x. This sticker creates a protective layer around the fruit during the vapor phase to slow down over-ripening and spoilage. 


Want to meet these startups in person Book your pass for VivaTech 2023 here! Come start the conversation with the brightest minds in tech. 


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