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10 Must-See Startup Innovations at VivaTech 2024

Posted at: 04.10.2024in category:Startup Focus
Get a glimpse into the tech startups shaking up the industry. Explore the lineup of startups featured in our Innovation Parks.

Smart city park

VivaTech's Innovation Parks showcase inventive technologies from around the world. In this year’s parks, startups will unveil their ingenious solutions to some of the world's most pressing challenges.

Get ready to be amazed as we introduce you to the startups set to dazzle at this year's innovation parks!

Mobility and Smart City Park

Sponsored by Togg, we delve into tomorrow's cities, where vehicles, interconnected urban environments, and data-driven solutions elevate efficiency, safety, and quality of life.

pave motors Photo credit: Pave Motors

Pave Motors

Pave Motors has a distinctive design and technology that distinguish high-end electric motorcycles. They are reducing emissions and adopting an emissions-free lifestyle among their riders, taking advantage of the flexibility and freedom provided by the bikes.

wingcopter Photo credit: Wingcopter


Founded in 2017, Wingcopter aims to address global healthcare access issues and improve supply delivery. They aim to enhance and save lives worldwide by providing drone technology and services that help overcome logistical challenges. This can offer new advantages for hospitals, clinics, and laboratories.

AI Avenue

Dive into the realm of AI and digital journeys. Sponsored by Salesforce, this AI zone explores its impact on our future and daily lives, innovations across industries, and changing how we live, work, and interact with tech.

oxia Photo credit: Oxia Palus

Oxia Palus

Oxia Palus blends spectroscopic imaging, artificial intelligence, and 3D printing to recreate lost artwork. With many precious works like Vincent Van Gogh's "Two Wrestlers" hidden beneath existing paintings, this artwork for Oxia Palus is just the beginning.

primaa Photo credit: Primaa


Primaa has developed an artificial intelligence (AI) platform for accurate and automated cancer diagnosis. This technology helps to customize treatment programs by improving the identification of critical cancer biomarkers through deep learning algorithms and enhanced image analysis.

Retail & Logistics Park

Explore retail and logistics through connected vests for workers, payment terminals, autonomous robots, or connected shopping carts. Startups showcase innovative experiences and technologies shaping the future of food. Unlock personalized shopping and enhanced customer experiences with the latest tech.

lunu Photo credit: Lunu


The modern Lunu supports a wide range of cryptocurrencies and wallets that work with them. This makes using cryptocurrencies for point-of-sale transactions as easy and quick as using a credit card. Shops can use Lunu’s terminals to manage not only cryptocurrencies, but also contactless methods like eWallets and Apple Pay.

releaf bag Photo credit: Releaf

Releaf bags

There is only one Earth, and 7.3M hectares of forests are cleared annually for paper, Releaf offers a solution that is made from sustainable papers sustainable paper from fallen leaves. Since 2017, Releaf has pioneered eco-friendly paper technology, made from recycled leaves and fibers, which saves trees.

Sport Park

Technology is transforming the sports and wellness sectors by enhancing training techniques, raising human accomplishment, and maximizing athlete performance. In this year’s Sport Park, sponsored by Axa, visitors will be able to experience the future of sports.

Capturedcran2024-04-09140509.png Photo credit: Astreas


Astreas is a food for space company optimizing food and nutrition for spaceflight. They are reshaping the modern diet by developing next-generation products that maintain great taste and nutrition for use in space, as explained at NASA’s Space Teleconference.

hypershell Photo credit: Hypershell


This AI-assisted apparatus attaches to the legs and powers movement with a one-horsepower motor. Hypershell is an e-assist for your lower body and is built for outdoor adventures like hiking, running, and carrying heavy weights.

Impact bridge

VivaTech's curated selection of innovators and technologies, known as The Impact Bridge, is built to showcase the possibilities of a sustainable future. A 1,500 m2 area with four main sections: startup and association villages, innovative spaces, a partner area, and the Good Hack hackathon event.

dionymer Photo credit: Dionymer


Dionymer converts organic waste into biodegradable polymer materials (PHA), offering low-carbon alternatives to replace petrochemical plastics and drawing inspiration from nature to reduce dependence on oil and reduce the cost of your biowaste.

dopavision Photo credit: Dopavision


Dopavision’s goal is to develop a novel smartphone application-based intervention for pediatric myopia. With digitally supplied light leading the way in developing solutions that target the eye's dopamine pathway to address needs in ophthalmology.

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