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10 Must-See Speakers at VivaTech 2024

Posted at: 05.15.2024in category:Top Stories
From industry pioneers to visionary leaders, we unveil 10 influential speakers our VivaTech team can’t wait to listen to.

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VivaTech 2024 is only one week away! We've been hard at work curating an incredible lineup of over 300 speakers who are ready to take the stage and share their vision for the future!

To help you navigate, our VivaTech team selected their most-anticipated speakers this year. Your favorite isn’t on the list? No worries, there's still more to explore! Check out all the speakers exploring fascinating subjects in our program.

Without further ado, let’s introduce this year's VivaTech staff picks:


Serena & Venus Williams

The Williams Sisters, Serena and Venus, have revolutionized tennis with their numerous championships and unique achievements. They will be joining Benjamin Chemla, CEO of Shares, at VivaTech on May 24th, to discuss about their involvement in Shares, an investment platform empowering its users to make smarter investment decisions through innovative social features and a universe of thousands of US and EU stocks, ETFS, and crypto.

Catch their session: “Game, Set, Shares” on 24 May at 5 PM at the Dôme de Paris.


Clara Shih, CEO, Salesforce AI

Clara Shih, CEO of Salesforce AI, pioneers Enterprise AI for CRM and is recognized for her digital leadership and academic excellence. She also founded Hearsay Systems and holds degrees from Stanford and Oxford universities.

Recognized as a digital leder, Clara was named one of the Fortune’s “Most Powerful Women Entrepreneurs,” TIME “Most Influential People in AI,” and a “Young Global Leader” by the World Economic Forum. With her expertise in AI, she'll talk onstage with Jason Karaian, Business News Director at the New York Times and Nigel Vaz, CEO of Publicis Sapient on how AI is transforming businesses.

Catch her talk: "AI x Business Transformation" on 22 May at 3:40 PM on Stage One.

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Dr. Werner Vogels, CTO, Amazon

Dr. Werner Vogels is the Chief Technology Officer at Amazon, driving customer-focused tech, especially in cloud computing. With a PhD and industry experience, he shares insights on his blog covering various tech topics. Werner, a key figure in Amazon's cloud computing strategy, is dedicated to empowering startups to go global and revolutionizing traditional companies into agile digital entities. He will offer insights on leveraging AI for positive impact on businesses.

Catch his talk: "AI for Good" on 22 May at 12:45 PM on Stage One.

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Linda Yaccarino, CEO, X

Linda Yaccarino, CEO of X, brings over 30 years of marketing and operations experience. Formerly at NBC Universal, she pioneered partnerships and launched Peacock. She's widely recognized for her leadership and currently chairs the CEOC while serving on Penn State University’s Dean's Advancement Council.

At VivaTech, Linda will discuss how advanced tech is transforming content and how content is made, enjoyed, and shared. She’ll dive into how AI speeds up creation, VR and AR offer immersive experiences, and blockchain makes distribution fairer.

Catch her session: "The Future of Content" on 24 May at 10:50 AM on Stage One.


Frederic Werner, Chief of Strategy & Operations, AI for Good, United Nations ITU

Frederic Werner, based in Geneva, is Head of Strategic Engagement at ITU, focusing on AI for Good initiatives. He leads various strategic efforts, including digital marketing and piloting AI tools. Previously, he worked in Brussels, building pan-European networks and enhancing ICT infrastructure in EU candidate countries.

At VivaTech, Frederic will discuss how the evolution of the IT landscape is crucial to the telecoms industry. It's critical to be connected, and artificial intelligence is poised to disrupt with exciting new possibilities.

Catch his talk: "Walk The Talk: The AI Revolution for Telecoms" on 24 May at 10:40 AM on Stage 4.


Mitchell Baker, Executive Chairwoman, Mozilla

Mitchell Baker co-founded the Mozilla Project, promoting an open and innovative web. As Executive Chair of Mozilla Corporation, she advocates for open source and community engagement while emphasizing the societal impact of technology.

At VivaTech, Mitchell will discuss how technology's impact on democracy is crucial. Alongside the other panelists, she will discuss why it’s important to design tech that supports marginalized voices, fosters inclusion, and protects privacy rights, while governments need to create frameworks that prioritize these values

Catch her talk: "What Does Democratic Tech Look Like?" on 23 May at 2:25 PM on Stage 3.


Eric Schmidt, Former CEO & Executive Chairman, Google

Eric Schmidt, a tech leader known for his role in Google's growth, has also founded initiatives like the Special Competitive Studies Project. Most recently in 2024, Eric and his wife Wendy co-founded Schmidt Sciences, drives science and tech advancement by exploring unconventional areas. The philanthropy focuses on AI, Astrophysics, Biosciences, Climate, and Cross-Science initiatives to tackle global challenges.

Catch his talk: "Thinking Beyond Gen AI and LLMs" on 22 May at 4:30 PM on Stage One.


Faye Iosotaluno, CEO, Tinder

Faye, currently Tinder's CEO, previously served as COO and Chief Strategy Officer at Match Group. With 15 years of experience in consumer tech leadership, she's passionate about leveraging technology to enhance lives and relationships. Her expertise in technology and interpersonal connections, positions Faye to offer valuable insights into the future evolution of dating.

Catch her session: "The Future of Dating Is Not What You Expect" on 23 May at 5:35 PM on Stage One.


Mohamed Kande, Vice Chair, PwC US & Global Advisory Leader, PwC

Mohamed Kande holds several key roles at PwC, including Vice Chair of PwC US and Global Advisory Leader. He oversees large-scale business transformations and strategic initiatives such as Generative AI and managed services. With extensive experience in technology and management consulting, Mohamed is recognized for his leadership in guiding clients through complex challenges.

This background in technology and management consulting has provided Mohamed with a comprehensive understanding of numerous businesses over the years, which is why we’ll get his scoop on strategies for reinventing business models.

Catch his talk: "Business Model Reinvention" on 22 May at 11:20 AM on Stage One.


Aude Gandon, Global CMO, Nestlé

Aude has an extensive marketing background with proven success in FMCG companies. Proficient in managing global brands across various regions and a great capable team leader with expertise in integrated brand management, particularly in the beauty category. Aude will discuss how marketers prioritize sustainability by integrating it into their businesses, benefiting both society and their companies.

Catch her talk: "Good Business: The CMOs Driving Urgency in Sustainability" on 24 May at 10:20 AM on Stage One.

Come and join us at VivaTech!

In just one week, these 10 speakers and hundreds more will come to our VivaTech stages, delving into discussions, and providing invaluable insights into the newest technologies. Join the conversation with the brightest in tech. Haven't secured your pass to VivaTech 2024? Book it here!

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